Seeking the True Gospel

By Michael Otieno Maura, Conrad Mbewe, Ken Mbugua, John Piper, Wayne Grudem


142 Pages (EN version)

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  • This book has been written to counter the great damage that the so called “prosperity” or “health and wealth” gospel is doing in Africa and around the world. Some preachers are making promises of worldly prosperity to men and women and leading them far away from the Lord Jesus Christ and the genuine gospel that is found in the Bible. So widespread is this false teaching that many people may not even realise that they have been influenced by it. This book addresses the core principles and ideas of this prosperity teaching, rather than argue with particular preachers. But there are many influential people we have in mind who, in different ways and forms, have articulated and spread this prosperity gospel. More than anything else, we encourage readers to examine the preaching they hear in the light of the Bible. This book strives to help you do that.
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